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8 Best ASMR Tracks for the Perfect Zen Mood

Grab your headphones and dive in.

| August 9, 2016


8 Best ASMR Tracks
for The Perfect Zen Mood

By Jaime Gonzalo

Moments from Volleyfriends UAAP Volleyball Kick Off SHAD

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It refers to a euphoric experience triggered by sounds that are hypnotic.

It’s described as a static-like or tingling sensation that begins at the scalp and then moves down the back of the spine, a feeling that produces extreme relaxation. It simulates the same feeling that one gets from listening to raindrops fall on the roof or having somebody tug and comb through your hair. Although there is little scientific study to back ASMR, people use tracks of these hypnotizing sounds to help them relax and de-stress, and a vast majority have claimed that it works wonders, especially to help clear the mind for meditation.

So whether you’re already an ASMR-listener or are wondering what it’s all about, here are 8 of the best tracks to calm you down and zen you up.

8. Touching, Scratching, & Brushing a Microphone



7. Keyboard Typing



6. Scratching & Rain



5. Playing with a Gameboy