8 of the Best Feelings Ever

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8 of the Best Feelings Ever

Ang dami kong feelings, guys.

| July 2, 2015

As much as we like to deny them, part of being human is to have a lot of feelings. Unfortunately, being Filipino, it’s part of our culture to have a lot of them all of the time. Luckily, though, thanks to our generally optimistic outlook on life and amiable temperament, most of those feelings are good. Great, even! In honor of those wonderful feelings (quit denying them na kasi), here are 8 of the best feelings ever:

8. Finally getting to pee after holding it in for a long time

It’s like the gates of heaven opened and revealed the universe’s secrets to you for five glorious seconds.


7. Getting corn out from between your teeth without using floss

So while this was being invented, you were busy getting real work done. #noshame


6. Catching a sneeze you thought you lost

Move over, Mayweather. The real King has arrived.


5. Taking your bra or jeans off after a long day



4. Watching the waiter approach the table with your food

You can hear the hallelujah chorus as the angels throw confetti.


3. Meeting a deadline

You are legally changing your name to #BAMF. Complete with the hashtag.


2. A satisfying burp

And on the seventh day the lord created you, and saw that it was good.


1. Checking your bank account and learning that your pay has finally come in

Is there a better feeling than this?



What are your favorite #feels? Tell us all about them in the comments below!