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Best Kris Aquino Moments of 2017

Who knew there’d come a day when Kris would be our hero?

| December 29, 2017

Best Kris Aquino Moments of 2017

By Therese Aseoche

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Kris Aquino may have called 2017 as “The Year of Closed Doors” but she definitely made headlines for her social media presence consistently throughout the year. Here are just 8 of her best moments!

When she became part of the “Crazy Rich Asians” cast

Kris can’t really claim this year to be one of “closed doors” after bagging a mystery role in the upcoming film adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians.”


When she had a mini photoshoot at the pool

Thank you, Kris, for giving us an outfit peg for swimming parties when crush is watching.


When she publicizes her son’s report card

No momma prouder than Kris!


When she didn’t know who Xander Ford was

Burn level: Nagasaki.