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Best New Manga of 2016 You Should be Reading

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| December 15, 2016

Best New Manga of 2016 You Should be Reading

By Therese Aseoche


We understand completely; who has the time to actually read manga these days? The only time most of us actually become motivated to learn about a new series is when it’s been adapted into anime. But with that kind of mindset, you’ll be missing out on great titles that may or may not ever be adapted into an animated series—great titles like the ones in this list!

Here are the best new manga of 2016 that you should be reading right now.

8. Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World)


This story revolves around a class who has been transported to another world and is told to become heroes to save a country from destruction. Each one is granted amazing “job classes” except for Nagumo Hajime, the so-called “incompetent” of the group because of his lack of aspirations and ambition. His stats are the weakest of them all and he eventually falls into an abyss inside a dungeon where his journey to become the World’s Strongest begins.


7. Shounen Shoujo (Ill Boy Ill Girl)


Cursed with a fatal illness that makes him see scribbles instead of people’s faces, an 11-year-old boy is proud to be the first one ever to be diagnosed with this incurable disease that will kill him within a year. His cynical outlook on society strongly motivates him to be unique, until he meets a girl who is likewise diagnosed with the sickness. He then devises a plan to kill her in order to protect his newfound individuality.


6. Sphere of Salvation


The story takes place in the Cold War era where three characters are forced to team up to protect the Sphere of Salvation, a new technological miracle that will be able to change the past. Whoever will possess the sphere and master its power will rule the world.


5. Nina-san no Mahou Seikatsu (Daily Life of Sorceress Nina)


This cute fantasy manga tells the story of Iris Vervenna who is a magic practitioner who aspires to become the apprentice of the world’s strongest witch, Nina. She travels across lands to find Nina deep in a remote forest and soon discovers that her idol isn’t who she really seems to be, leading to various funny and unexpected situations.