Best New Manga of 2016 You Should be Reading

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Best New Manga of 2016 You Should be Reading

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| December 15, 2016

4. Criminale!


Ichimura Tamito is a magnet for unlucky situations ever since he was a child. He often finds himself being the target for robberies, pick-pocketing, and molestation which earns him the nickname “Natural Born Victim.” He thought his streak would end when he moves to a new city. That is, until he meets his new classmates.


3. Shiba Occhan


This adorable manga will delight the dog lovers and those who just want something light to read. It revolves around the life of Taro Shibayama, a married man with two kids, who has to deal with the fact that all men who marry and reach the age of 30 become Shiba Inu.


2. Dimension W


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In a world where electricity is gained from another dimension through electromagnetic induction devices called Coils instead of through fossil fuels, bounty hunters called Collectors are tasked to confiscate unregistered Coils being used for illegal purposes. Mabuchi Kyouma, one of the Collectors, one day meets the daughter of the founder of the technology and they join forces to discover the dark secrets behind the company that created the new system.


1. Good Night World


What sets this manga apart from other “virtual reality” storylines is that it involves a real life dysfunctional family who must work together in a virtual game to save another family. They’re famous in the game as the well-respected Akabane clan, and throughout their stay in the online realm they discover what it feels to be a complete family.


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