8 Reasons Why Boracay is Still Paradise

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8 Reasons Why Boracay is Still Paradise

Never forget.

| July 30, 2017

8 Reasons

Why Boracay

is Still Paradise

By Nicole Ganglani

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Once upon a time, Boracay was the hottest destination in the Philippines. Voted as one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay is known for its warm blue waters, powder white sand and for its palm fringed beach. As the millennial generation has taken over, the island has become more commercialized than ever—adding the party and drinking culture to the place. Despite Boracay’s commercialization, here are 8 reasons why the island is still paradise in our hearts.

The beach and its surroundings

Paradise begins the moment you see the classic white sand beach of Boracay. I mean, what else could possibly be more pretty than this? Views for days, dude.


Food for dayze

Inihaw, two seasons pizza, chori burger, jonah’s milkshake, man, the list goes on. Nothing beats the local food and dining in Boracay. Paradise is dining beside the peaceful sound and serenity of waves by the beach, and of course relaxing music.


Happy hour everywhere

Buy one take one beers, weng weng for half the price, and discounted cocktails, what more could you ask for? If you’re a drinker, doesn’t matter what type of alcohol, you’re going to enjoy the happy hour (starts at 2PM onwards) in Boracay. What’s better than a beer by the beach? When it’s by one take one.


Adventure hopping

Paradise doesn’t just mean relaxing and having a massage by the beach, but also going on adventures around the island. Boracay offers a lot of activities such as cliff diving, parasailing, ATV (highly recommended), island hopping, scuba diving, fly fish and many more.