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8 Reasons Why Boracay is Still Paradise

Never forget.

| July 30, 2017


Who says that nightlife only happens in Manila? Boracay’s nightlife is something else too. A few bars have recently just opened in the place, one of which is Club Galaxy, a Valkyrie version of the island. Boracay is also known for its pub-crawl activity where you turn strangers into friends as you bar hop from one club to another along with complimentary shots per bar especially for those that want to party their hearts out in paradise.



Massage by the beach? Yes please. In Boracay, you can practically do anything by the beach. From fine dining, to message, to hennahs and so on. Don’t know about you, but paradise for me is a massage by the beach while sipping on my fruit juice by Boracay’s classic white beach any day.


Amazing sunset and sunrise

If you’re a fan of sunsets and sunrise, then Boracay’s will be one of your top most favorites. It’s charming beach and waves will also add to the beauty while you admire a wonderful view.


Beach activities

Boracay may be dubbed as commercialized today, but all the activities being held in this one of a kind island is also something else. Fun runs, weddings, sports tournaments and the vast array of activities just makes it more special. From a romantic getaway or even a weekend away from the city with your bestest friends, Boracay will always bring paradise to you.


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