Broadcasting Epic Fails That Will Make You LOL or Cringe (or Both)

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Broadcasting Epic Fails That Will Make You LOL or Cringe (or Both)

Surprisingly, not all of them came out of the PCOO.

| June 22, 2017

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Broadcasting Epic Fails

that Will Make You

LOL or Cringe

(or Both)

By Kaira Guererro

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In this often dreary daily grind of ours, anything remotely out of the ordinary is accepted as a welcome distraction. Well, anything as long as it’s fun and won’t demean anyone. In the history of broadcasting there must have been a lot of fails you could list but here’s a list of 8 that especially got our attention.

1. Inverted Philippine Flag

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Anybody remember how Facebook greeted us on Independence Day last year? They basically told us that our country is at war, if they did that this year we might have believed them. Good thing the ever ready eagle-eyed netizens reported the incident immediately. Peace out, we aren’t at war, but maybe it was a premonition? Hmm.


2. Free Movie Livestream by RTVM

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Everybody was shocked when the Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) official Facebook page went live but it did not go to a live stream of an important meeting or announcement, it live streamed Logan. Yes, Logan, the third Wolverine solo movie. It was on for about 20 minutes before it was cut and then deleted.

Radio-Television Malacañang (RTVM) has apologized for the “slip-up” saying that it was a test broadcast gone wrong.


3. Videotron Porn

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If you haven’t been on the weird side of the internet before, let’s explore it together! A few months ago a videotron (giant electronic billboards) at the intersection of Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta was hacked by an Indonesian IT specialist who streamed a Japanese porn film. Yes, that’s right, not your regular trek to work. The power was cut after a few minutes but not quick enough that motorists took videos of the unfortunate incident. The 24-year-old IT is now facing a sentence of 6 years in jail. Isn’t that a welcome distraction to your daily routine?


4. Teacher accidentally shows porn

And as if broadcasting porn to adult commuters is not enough, a teacher at Longfellow Elementary School in Texas accidentally showed her fifth grade class a lesson they hopefully will forget. Kids told their parents that an image of lesbian porn was projected while they were having a lesson on butterfly life cycle. Butterflies to porn real quick!