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BTS Videos that Have Almost Bias Wrecked Us, From Actual A.R.M.Y.s

Priming you for this weekend.

| May 3, 2017

BTS Videos

that Have Almost

Bias Wrecked Us,

From Actual A.R.M.Y.s

By Abu Poblete and Therese Aseoche

Moments from Volleyfriends UAAP Volleyball Kick Off SHAD

Every A.R.M.Y. will agree: it’s difficult to stay a faithful fangirl to only one BTS member. How many times has it happened that you have just been casually watching random fancams and Bangtan Bombs on YouTube when you stumble upon a video of a member other than your bias, and suddenly you’re captivated?

It does makes us feel guilty somewhat, but hey — is it our fault that they’re all just so damn loveable?

To prove how futile our resistance to our bias wreckers truly is, we’ve rounded up some of the best videos we’ve seen of each Bangtan Boy. Think you can take on the challenge?

8. Rap Monster

When we’re reminded why Rap Mon is also Brain Mon:

And that he fulfills our daddy kink:

We could listen to his sexy English all day long:


7. Jin

Eomma Jin cooking so delicately:

When he discovered a new hobby (and is insanely great at it):

He really is the charming hyung of the group:


6. Suga

When Suga showed us a whole different side of him after meeting his favorite celebrity:

When ball is life but Suga is lifer:

When Suga made something special for his fans on his birthday:


5. J-Hope

J-Hope proves to us that he truly is the best dancer of the group:

But he can also turn from sunshine of our life to sexy beast real quick:

Have you ever noticed how mesmerizing his side profile is?

Ano Raw? Nov. 3


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