Bucket List: Must-Go To Love Hotels with Bae

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Bucket List: Must-Go To Love Hotels with Bae

Some creative imagination needed.

| February 10, 2017

Bucket List: Must-Go To

Love Hotels with Bae

By Meg Santibanez

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If you’re on the lookout for, uhm, creative accommodations when you travel with bae, then why not take it to another level by going to these imaginative love hotels in Japan, South Korea and United States!

Hello Kitty Bondage

Who knew Hello Kitty could be re-imagined as a love hotel—a bondage theme, no less. This is located at Hotel Adonis in Osaka, Japan. Look at those hanging leash above—just imagine all the things you and bae can do with them.

Oh, and yes—childhood ruined.


Ramen Lovers

Called the Ramen Room (what else?) at the Cozy Pension Hotel in Seoul, this ramen-themed hotel will spice up (get it?) your nights with bae. Because nothing beats a cup of shin ramyun wherever, whenever.


Chezlee Pension

This “ancient royalty” themed hotel will definitely make bae feel like a queen (or king) even for a short time. This one is aptly called the Ancient Royalty Hotel  and is located at Tongyeong, South Korea.


Medieval Room

If you’re into kinky medieval theme, then Don Q Inn’s in Dodgeville at Wisconsin, United States is for you.