Caffeine-Free Habits To Perk You Up in The Morning

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Caffeine-Free Habits To Perk You Up in The Morning

When you can’t handle the java.

| November 7, 2016



Caffeine-Free Habits To Perk You Up in The Morning

By Therese Aseoche

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It’s always a struggle to wake up in the morning, especially for those who—like me—hate to leave the clutches of our warm, comfy beds. So we reach out for a hot cup of joe, thinking a dose of caffeine will solve the morning grogginess only to find out that it just make us crash sooner or later in the day. So ditch that coffee maker or packet of 3-in-1 and try out these certified caffeine-free habits to start your day right.

8. Get up at the same time everyday


Sometimes the grogginess you feel in the morning is the result of your sleeping habits. The best way to overcome the sleepy spell is by keeping your waking up time consistent. If you wake up at 7 A.M. for work on weekdays, wake up at the same time on weekends too. You’ll hate it at first, but after a month of doing it (without cheating!), you’ll realize that your body has quickly adapted to it that no matter how early or late you get to bed, you’ll be waking up at the same time every day without much fuss.


7. Develop a morning routine


When you’ve developed a morning routine, it gives you more motivation to get up and start doing it. Whether it’s working out, or doing yoga, or meditating, or walking the dog, just do one thing you enjoy doing every morning so you’ll start your day feeling happy and refreshed.


6. Eat breakfast


Never skip breakfast. It’s called “the most important meal of the day” for a reason. Skipping breakfast throws your metabolism off balance, causing you to gain more weight (probably the opposite of what you wanted to achieve in skipping meals) and have less energy because of low blood sugar.


5. Watch videos on your phone


Contrary to what most people say, checking your phone upon waking actually helps dispel your drowsiness. It’s the same reason why you shouldn’t use your phone right before sleeping; it makes you feel more alert. So don’t be afraid to reach for your phone and watch some funny videos from your Facebook newsfeed. Just don’t let it consume your entire morning!