Caffeine-Free Habits To Perk You Up in The Morning

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Caffeine-Free Habits To Perk You Up in The Morning

When you can’t handle the java.

| November 7, 2016

4. Play your favorite energizing music


Shake off your sleepiness by getting up to dance! Play your favorite tunes on Spotify and max that volume to keep yourself from falling back to sleep.


3. Stretch


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There is a wide range of benefits to stretching in the morning, one of which is increasing the energy you need to start the day. It also relieves body stiffness from an evening workout, a bad sleeping position, or sitting on your desk all day in front of the computer, the aches from which might discourage you from getting up.


2. Make your to-do list for the day


Keeping your mind active will help shift your focus from wanting to go back to sleep to something more productive, like planning out your day. Just thinking about what you should do will keep you more mentally alert and motivated to start your day as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can keep your mind active by doing the daily crossword puzzles on the newspaper.


1. Just drink water (or juice)


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If you’re still in search for something to drink, just drink water instead of coffee. Or a fruit juice if you want. The important thing is you rehydrate yourself after 7 hours of no water intake. While coffee’s good for a quick boost in energy, it dehydrates you even further in the morning. So reach for a glass of cold water instead; it gives you all the benefits without the consequences.


What other habits do you guarantee will perk anyone up in the morning? Share them with us below!