Cakes You Can Try For That #Cakeceptional Celebration

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Cakes You Can Try For That #Cakeceptional Celebration

Don’t lick your screens.

| December 23, 2016

Cakes You Can Try For That #Cakeceptional Celebration

By 8List


A celebration isn’t complete without a cake but sometimes it’s just so hard to choose where and which cake to purchase with the array of choices available almost everywhere. But if you truly know your cake-game then you’d stick to the brand that’s been a staple in Filipino households for a solid 50 years now. Yes, we’re talking about the timeless Goldilocks that has been our go-to place for cakes since our childhood.
Now, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect cake for a friend based on his on her personalities then we’re here to help you determine that #cakeceptional cake.

8. For those extreme chocolate lovers

Do you want to surprise your chocolate lover friend? Well look no further and get that friend the chunky chocolate cake that’s made special with a lush choco mouse filling that’s sure to satisfy your friends chocolate cravings.


7. For the kids and feeling young at heart

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what kind of cake you have to buy for a children’s party. You’ll want something colorful and pleasing to the eyes of the kids like the sight of a rainbow, insert the rainbow cake and all your problems are solved.


6. For that friend who loves a good ol’ banana cake

Know anyone who loves banana cake? We’re sure they’ll be happy with the banana caramel cake. Who knew a simple ingredient like a caramel can do wonders to a banana cake? Now you know what cake to get that kind of friend next time.


5. For those craving for a timeless classic

Ahhh, the Black Forest Cake, the timeless classic perfect for our lolo and lola which could even pass for (feeling) tito’s and tita’s. It’s that kind of cake you’d want to have on the table if you want to spark a nostalgic sensation—seriously.