Choose Your Side: What to Look Out For in “Captain America: Civil War”

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Choose Your Side: What to Look Out For in “Captain America: Civil War”

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| April 23, 2016

What to Look Out For in
“Captain America: Civil War”


Phase Three of the Marvel Universe is almost upon us, arriving in the form of Captain America: Civil War. If that jaw-dropping trailer was any indication, people are in for a cinematic joyride what with the cameos of Black Panther and the long-awaited Spider-Man.

The movie will focus on the feud between Stark and Rogers—a feud that is sparked by the Superhero Registration Act. An all-out civil war commences when the Avengers are forced to choose sides. With few facts to go on, fans are hungry for clues as to what to expect. Take a peek for things to look out for in Civil War.


8. Heroes Vs Heroes


Captain America: Civil War will see Iron Man and Captain America divide the Avengers for a climactic battle that will put others to shame. It’s a dream for all comic buffs to see this epic on-screen battle, and it’s finally going to happen. It has to be said that neither Cap nor Stark are villains; they just can’t seem to agree on one thing–the Superhero Registration Act.


7. Captain America vs. Crossbones


Much BTS footage has surfaced, and what we know is that former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Brock Rumlow will return to the screen after being horribly burned in The Winter Soldier. He will be given a new suit of armor and come in as Crossbones, who holds a grudge against the Cap. We can expect a heavy brawl between the two, at the very least.


6. Its Own Story


The trailers make it clear that the movie is taking liberties with the storyline, making it different from the comics. In the comics, it is stated that individuals with super-powers must register their identity with the government because of the Superhero Registration Act. In the movie, the focus of the SRA is whether or not governments should monitor, control, and regulate superheroes–not their identities specifically, since there is less emphasis on identity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the comics, the story ends with the death of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers. Iron Man also alienates Spider-Man from his side because of his brutal actions. It remains to be seen if this will play through in the movie, but if it does it will cause some serious heartbreak.


5. Baron Zemo


The focus of the movie will not only be on heroes fighting against other heroes. They will also be put up against a villain—although it isn’t 100% clear who that villain might be. All bets point to Baron Zemo, a Nazi scientific genius that produced weapons of mass destruction for Hitler. He’s known for being very sadistic. It makes total sense to have him be the villain in this movie since he is HYDRA affiliated. Daniel Bruhl is slated to play a villain in Civil War and has given hints motioning that it is indeed Baron Zemo that he will portray.