All the Feels after Watching the (First) Captain America: Civil War Trailer

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All the Feels after Watching the (First) Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Civil War gets even more emotional.

| November 26, 2015


Yesterday was quite an epic day, and by epic I mean HOLY WOW DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIIVIL WAR TRAILER?

If you haven’t, get on it.

Comic book geekiness aside, the 2:26 trailer that debuted on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show opened a glimpse into a movie that we hope will not only be ridiculously great, but quite possibly compete to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best film yet.

Why’s that? Well, we love it when our heroes go to battle against the bad guys, kick some behind, save the world, yada-yada. You know what we love more? When our heroes are divided into opposing factions, both fighting for worthwhile ideals and forcing us to choose sides. Picking a side isn’t going to be easy, but the stage has been magnified because of the new level of emotional investment.

And boy, were there a lot of emotions involved in that trailer.




Seriously, these two could break the WWE’s record for longest hold on the Tag Team title belts.

In the opening moments of the trailer, it looks like Bucky has remembered the close friendship he shared with young Steve Rogers, setting the events for the rest of the film to take place.

“Your mom’s name is Sarah. You used to put newspapers in your shoes.” Bromance alert!

We already know how much Bucky kicked ass as Winter Soldier. Joining forces with Cap? Well, I already feel sorry for Ironman.

Sebastian Stan was great as Bucky in the last Captain America films, so expect another fantastic performance from him.




Seriously, why weren’t they in the trailer? I know, I know–they’ll be in the movie. But couldn’t we have them in the first trailer?

Thanks to Paul Rudd, Ant-Man’s really grown on us. Don’t even get us started on Vision.




One of the underrated parts of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the chemistry between Rodgers and Romanoff. It wasn’t the romantic type, but you knew that the two built a steady friendship built on a lot of inside jokes, timely side comments/insults, and, well, an ass-kicking combo.

Which is why knowing they’re on opposite sides of this upcoming fight is kind of annoying. Just based the conversation they had in the trailer:
Natasha: I know how much Bucky means to you. Stay out of this one, please. You’ll only make this worse.
Steve: You’ll say you’ll arrest me?

I can already imagine the moment the two get in a one-on-one battle. Audiences will be torn between “awwww, damn,” and “holy shit this is awesome.”

BTW, Scarlett Johanson is looking as FINE as ever as Black Widow. When is she getting her own movie? Come on, Marvel!




We get a preview of the intriguing character two years ahead of his solo film. Played by Chadwick Boseman, here’s what we know about Black Panther so far: he looks quick, agile, strong, and it looks like he doesn’t give a damn who he has to beat up. Suffice to say, everyone is looking forward to him.

Also, posters have him as part of Ironman’s squad, but he has been kind of a lone hero. Will he be a team player and turn the tides of the War? We already know he’s going to give Winter Soldier a run for his money.




For those who have forgotten, Ross was in the Phase 1 MCU movie of The Incredible Hulk, and he wasn’t exactly a popular figure. We know he’s not the biggest superhero cheerleader, so the fact that he’s spearheading the Registration Act that plays a big role in Civil War is fitting.

Oh, and when you have free time, do some research on “Red Hulk.” You’re welcome.




Okay, not really part of the trailer, but can you imagine the look on Thor’s face if he decides to descend from Asgard and take a vacation on Earth after the events of Civil War? How do you say “WTF” in Asgardian?




No one wants to assume the worst just yet, but based on the trailer it looks as if Rhodey aka War Machine might die. Nothing spices up emotion into a storyline more than death, and, well, painful as it may be, this may be the angle that will make Civil War even more epic.




Seriously, man. The chills. The feels.

Also, that Ironman vs. Captain America and Bucky matchup looks so kick-ass.

Can’t wait for May 2016!

What were your feels after watching the Captain America: Civil War trailer? Sound off in the comments below!