8 Celebrity Families Who Should Have Their Own Reality Show

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8 Celebrity Families Who Should Have Their Own Reality Show

We practically monitor everything they do on a daily basis anyway.

| August 1, 2017

8 Celebrity Families

Who Should Have

Their Own Reality Show

By Desiree Pore

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We all want our fair share of the Kardashian clan every now and then; it’s our guilty pleasure. Since Pinoys love to copy everything Western, we decided to have our own Kardashian-esque reality TV show. And whose lives are better than your typical Pinoy family? The Gutierrezes’. It Takes Gutz to be A Gutierrez premiered three years ago wherein we see the Gutierrez clan on a more personal level.

The reality show had your typical but not so typical members of the family: we have an overbearing mother (Anabelle), a nonchalant father (Eddie), a maarte sister (Ruffa), the popular brother (Raymond) and the normal one (Richard). Because of the success of the show, we can’t help but pitch new shows for other celebrity families that would be entertaining to watch.

Padil Whut? Padillas!

With members having wide array of talents, the Padilla clan is one of the biggest families in showbiz today. With Daniel and Kylie Padilla dominating our TV screens nowadays, every episode will be as exciting and drama-filled as when Kathniel had their first onscreen kiss.


Again and Again with the Eigenmanns

The clan with the most beautiful members, the Eigenmann clan is one talented bunch; with Cherie Gil and Michael de Mesa (and the late Mark Gil) leading the pack, most episodes will focus on how they prepare for every role they take on.


Mingling with the Magalonas

The late Master Rapper and patriarch Francis Magalona along with his wife Pia passed on excellent genes to their kids Elmo, Saab and Maxene. Not only did they inherit their parents’ good looks, they also got their father’s knack cor show business. We’d love to have episodes with them just rapping the whole time.


Spitting Bars with the Barrettos

Known for their (literal) family feuds, the Barretto family make headlines from time to time. With the she said-she said banter between members, it’s hard not to stay glued every time. We’re expecting to have Joshua Garcia cameo in one of the episodes (ehem, Julia please).