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8 Celebrity Families Who Should Have Their Own Reality Show

We practically monitor everything they do on a daily basis anyway.

| August 1, 2017

Ready, Set, Revillas!

One of the most controversial families in the country, the patriarch of the Revillas, Ramon Revilla Sr., transitioned from acting to politics. His offsprings followed suit, with Bong Revilla being one of them. We expect the reality show to have a little drama on the side because what good is a show without some drama?


Kramer vs. Kramer (vs. Little Kramers)

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Oh, Team Kramer! An online sensation with loads of cuteness, Team Kramer has been giving us major adorable vibes thanks to Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin. Each episode will see the kids hanging out with other super adorable kids like Olivia, Scarlett Snow and baby Zia!


Rolling with the Cruzes

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Probably the largest showbiz family today, the Cruz clan is made up of actors, singers and dancers spanning decades of dominating the showbiz scene. With controversies arising every now and then, the family tries to keep close ties with each other, reuniting when they can. The amount of talent that each member can showcase every episode will surely be a hit to pinoys!


Duts Duts Dutertes

Technically not a showbiz family, but the Dutertes are the current “apples of the eye” of the Filipino people. Even without having their own reality show, the Dutertes are at the center of headlines every day. A reality show about the President of the Philippines would be fun to watch but with the President’s unfiltered mouth, it’s pretty hard not to censor a whole episode.


What other showbiz families do you think should have their own reality shows? Tell us below!