Channing and Jenna’s Love Story (Driving the Knife Deeper)

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Channing and Jenna’s Love Story (Driving the Knife Deeper)


| April 4, 2018

5. They each got their own successful career

Channing is one of the well-loved actors in Hollywood, he was even named as the Sexiest Man Alive at one point. Jenna was creating a name for herself through dancing and judging contests on national TV. They were both so successful and so in love that we can’t help but think they’re the perfect couple.

Although Jenna has exasperatingly said in an interview that their life is nothing but perfect, they’re just a great fit for a couple. Besides, they also had it difficult with conflicting schedules and lots of time apart which Channing revealed that he didn’t like. Apparently absence doesn’t make his heart grow fonder.


6. They brought a sweet little girl to the world and named her Everly

Everly Tatum was born in May 2013 and is currently 4-years-old. You’d think that having celebrities for parents would make her life exposed to everybody but they made sure that she got to live a normal life. In fact, her first public appearance was during the Kid’s Choice Awards last March 24!


7. Channing and his cheesy Instagram captions

In screenshots because you never know if it’ll be deleted! The captions say it all and we’re crying.


8. What went wrong? We’re not entirely sure

It’s heartbreaking when celebrity couples separate. We’ve set them on a pedestal as a perfect couple or a perfect family and when they show us they aren’t, we’re left to wonder what went wrong. The thing is, we can never know. It’s life, it gets in the way sometimes and that’s just how things are, for some people at least.

All that’s left for us is to leave them in their privacy and to hope for the best. Oh, and also, to hope that other celebrity couples don’t end up like this!


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