8 Childhood Characters We’re Still Disappointed We Can’t Be

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8 Childhood Characters We’re Still Disappointed We Can’t Be


| November 10, 2016


8 Childhood Characters We’re Still Disappointed We Can’t Be


Oh, how time flies. We’re as far from 1992 as 2030 and yet, adulting seems to be an insurmountable task. Especially so when nostalgia hits every time we see or hear about our childhood memories. How we wish we could go back in time when the line between reality and fantasy is blurred and all we have to worry about is when will your favorite characters recruit you to be a part of their world.

But no, reality has to kick us in the gut. Nevertheless, there’s no reason we can’t reminisce the past when we were young’uns frustrated that we’re on the wrong side of the screen.


8. Super Saiyan


All we can do is live out our fantasy to be part of their world. Of course, Dragon Ball wouldn’t be missed in any part of your childhood, what with all the reruns from GT to Z. Goku had defeated hundreds of villains, had been dead and brought back to life, had become a young boy and had a young boy of his own, had been a full-blown monkey and still you can’t figure out how hard you have to shout to make your hair yellow.


7. Power Ranger


Speaking of color, nothing can beat these color-coded superheroes when fighting any villain that transforms to a giant version of itself in the last 15 minutes of the episode. Who can forget banding your own group of five and assigning each other a colored ranger? Of course, if there are no girls in your friends, it’s kinda awkward who gets to be the yellow or pink ranger.


6. Sailor Soldier


Maybe there was no girl in the group because they are busy creating their own. In a group of girls, it’s almost impossible not to go through the Sailor Moon phase and assign each other with their own sailor soldier. Then, they watch their favorite series where the girls’ transformation takes up half of the episode’s length. It may be an allusion to girls taking forever to dress up but seriously, if the Earth is in danger and it all boils down to a matter of seconds, I think make up would be the least of your worries.


5. Ghost Fighter

But nothing beats how much forever it does take for Ghost Fighter to end. That’s probably why most of our generation have, one way or another, fantasized to be one. There will always be some kid who would make an imaginary gun out of his hands, sneak behind someone, poke him in the derriere and then shout “raygun!” . Or the kid who randomly picks up a rope and pretends to be Dennis. Still, it’s frustrating that we can’t fight ghosts in a tournament arena that somehow magically reconstructs itself for the next fight no matter how destructive the last one was.