8 Childhood Things We Took for Granted and Miss

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8 Childhood Things We Took for Granted and Miss

We’re done adulting.

| September 26, 2016

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8 Childhood Things We Took for Granted and Miss
By Tynne De Leon

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When we were younger, we wanted to grow up so quickly that we failed to appreciate the joys and privileges of our childhood. Now that we’re adults, it’s bittersweet irony how we want to go back to the old days, when everything was all sunshine and butterflies. Oh, how we miss those stress-free days! Here are 8 things we took for granted before, and now we want them back:

8. Easy Tasks


Easy homeworks, easy chores. No bills to pay, and being rewarded for doing tasks. Please come back?


7. Our school teachers


Sorry for being such a pain in the ass. We miss you, teachers!


6. Lots of free time


Remember when we finally realized what 24 hours in a day really meant? I’m pretty sure we had more hours in the day than that before.


5. Food


“Mom, what’s our dinner for tonight?”

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