Unique Ways We Celebrate Christmas

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Unique Ways We Celebrate Christmas

Pasko sa Pinas!

| December 20, 2016

Unique Ways We Celebrate Christmas

By Mike Diez

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Us Pinoys are regarded as inherently happy people. It takes a lot to break us. Even in the darkest of hours, we see the silver lining in every situation. Because of this, every chance we get to celebrate, we do so with gusto. This is especially true in this season of merry and thanksgiving. Here are the unique ways we celebrate Christmas.

Family Reunions

Sure, most countries also celebrate the Holiday Season by gathering members of the family, but only in the Philippines is it a full-blown production. Little kids are expected to sing and dance, while teenagers are expected to showcase their newfound talents. Some gatherings even have contests for best family performance, and the winners are rewarded with cash.


Getting Gifts from Ninongs and Ninangs

The one thing you can constantly look forward to every Christmas is getting gifts from your godfathers and godmothers. In the Philippines, it is considered a sin to not give gifts to your inaanak come Christmas time. Heck, we make songs about it.


Exodus to the Province

We love going back to our provincial homes every chance we get, but the bulk of the exodus comes during December. Good luck to you if you didn’t book your ticket early.


Simbang Gabi

The one time Pinoys want to get up before the break of dawn is during the season of Simbang Gabi. The tradition has been passed down through several generations that the habit has been ingrained in us, and might continue for generations more. It has also become an event of sorts, especially as we seek it out after attending mass….