8 Classic Superheroes and Who Among our Current Stars Should Play Them

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8 Classic Superheroes and Who Among our Current Stars Should Play Them

We can assemble our own Avengers!

| May 31, 2017

8 Classic Superheroes

and Who Among

Our Current Stars

Should Play Them

By  Blair Perez

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Lots of classic shows are getting a remake now; the next generation Darna is coming, and FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano   continue to attract a big number of loyal viewers. With these, we can’t help but get excited on what could possibly come next.

To hype everyone up, we made a list of 8 classic superheroes and who among our current stars should play them. And we’re keeping our fingers crossed on this.

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah – Paolo Ballesteros

No other actor can pull off being both a man and a woman like Paolo Ballesteros.  That’s it. He can play both Ada and Zaturnnah. Plus, they won’t need to hire a make-up artist for him.


Krystala – Julia Montes

With her great acting skills and commanding aura, we know she can be the next Krystala.


Machete – Rocco Nacino / Sanya Lopez

Rocco Nacino’s manly,  muscular features make him a top choice for Machete. And we have already fallen in love with him as Aquil. Of course, we’re rooting for Sanya Lopez as his love interest.


Super Inday – Ellen Adarna

Super Inday’s personality is a unique mix of charming and kalog, and we couldn’t think of anyone that will fit the role other than Ellen Adarna. From superhero costumes to action scenes — she’s game for everything!