Classic Pinoy Breakfasts That We All Love

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Classic Pinoy Breakfasts That We All Love

Utensils, optional.

| March 31, 2017

Classic Pinoy Breakfasts That We All Love

By RJ Firmeza

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With restaurants popping up everywhere offering different flavors, our palates have become more sophisticated. But some things are just too ingrained within us, like classic Pinoy breakfasts.  Simplicity at its finest, nothing says good morning better than the classics.

Here are a couple of those dishes that we will always crave in the morning:


Tuyo is often seen as a poor man’s food. But whether you’re crawling through the next payday or itching to spend your hard-earned salary, the mere thought of this salty, smokey-flavored delicacy will make your mouth water.


Arroz Caldo

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This addicting congee is something we can eat every morning – it warms the soul and body. No to mention its sobering effect after a night of binging.



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Stir-fry leftover rice and minced meat and you’ve got one of the most comforting breakfast food – sinangag.



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Dilis with suka is probably one of the best things to wake up to every morning.