Daiso Finds that Will Step Up Your Mommy Game

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Daiso Finds that Will Step Up Your Mommy Game

All for P88!

| May 9, 2016

Daiso FindsDaiso Finds that Will
Step Up Your Mommy Game
By Alexis Betia

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For the yet to be initiated, Daiso is a treasure trove for everything you need—as well as everything you never thought you needed until you saw it.

For P88 (and variations thereof, depending on how large or complicated the item), you get to take home economy packs of hand soap, paper towels, kitchen utensils and snacks straight from Japan.

8. Travel Toothbrushes

8 Daiso Finds

But not just any travel toothbrushes—these come pre-packed with toothpaste, leaving you free to take that off your packing list for your out-of-town trip with the fam.


7. Wooden 3D Puzzles

7 Daiso Finds

Toss one of these at the kids and you not only will you keep them quiet for a good hour or so, but you’ll have the awesome product to display around your home.


6. Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

6 Daiso Finds

Let’s face it—having kids (or running a household in general) means that you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. From towels to bedsheets, it’s a miracle actual people can still fit inside your home. Introduce yourself to the wonders of vacuum packing and you won’t have to worry about where everything will fit ever again. You can apply it to your trips as well, as Daiso carries travel versions.


5. Colored Key Covers

5 Daiso Finds

You’ll never have to rummage through your bag again. Bonus: this doubles as a toy for those with toddlers!