Disguised Celebrities at Comic Cons

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Disguised Celebrities at Comic Cons

You never know who you’re bumping into.

| August 2, 2017

Disguised Celebrities

at Comic Cons

By 8List

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Comic cons, believe it or not, were once gathering places for a niche group of comic fans. You would not know it by looking how big these conventions have gotten over the years. These days, all the big companies, even those not necessarily catering to the fandom, want to be a part of comic conventions.

Actors who grew up as fans of comic books, science fiction, horror, and all things geeky must have a blast every time these conventions would roll out. Some of them even get creative in walking around the halls. Here are some of the more memorable moments:


Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter decided to walk around as Spider-man in 2014. This was also his first comic-con attendance.


Agents of SHIELD Cast

The cast of Agents of SHIELD dressed up as various Marvel characters and asked convention goers about their favorite Marvel TV shows.


Bryan Cranston

One of the more epic walks done by actors in conventions was Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston’s in 2013. He walked around in a mask of his character Walter White’s alter ego, Heisenberg, thus making him the first to break the 4th (16th?) wall. Yes, even before Deadpool in the movie.


Matt Smith

Having played Doctor Who and become one of the more beloved actors to take on the role, it would be safe to say that Matt Smith would have been mobbed had he walked around casually at a convention. In 2013, he sensibly decided to don a Bart Simpson mask.