8 Disney Live-Action Remakes We Can’t Wait To See

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8 Disney Live-Action Remakes We Can’t Wait To See

It’s a whole new world for old Disney films.

| February 23, 2017

8 Disney Live-Action Remakes

We Can’t Wait To See

By Tynne De Leon

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Disney animation films have been an essential part of our childhood; they’re great reminders of  pure innocence and simple happiness. And maybe that’s why we readily embrace their revivals; more so their live action adaptations.

With the upcoming live action adaptation of the classic “Beauty and the Beast”, we can’t help but wonder how  other classic Disney favorites would look like if they were remade today. And I know we all have one common thing in mind: for them not to ruin their childhood.

Here are the upcoming live action remakes of our favorite Disney animated films:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Snow White was the first Disney princess ever, so it’s quite weird that we haven’t seen its live adaptation up to now. Sure, Universal Pictures produced Snow White and the Huntsman, but it’s a darker take on this classic, and fans wanted to see the Disney version. Fret not; a live-action musical is said to be in the works with The Girl on the Train’s Erin Cressida Wilson to pen the script and La La Land composers Benj Pasek & Justin Paul to write new songs.



Let’s face it, Pinocchio is a weird film. Sure it’s a fairy tale and there are levels of surrealism, but the tale of a puppet coming to life is a bit of a stretch for most. We bet its live action will be much weirder. But don’t get us wrong. We loved the film, we really do. We just find some parts of it somewhat creepy. We can’t wait what screenwriter Peter Hedges comes up with.



This fun film classic will certainly turn dark and macabre when Tim Burton is done with the live action remake. No further details have been released yet, but the film will still be fun for sure. We’re thinking Frankenweenie with Dumbo characters.




Disney is also planning to take Aladdin to a whole new level (you sang that one, didn’t you?) with its live adaptation focusing on the original story (yay!). It was previously planned to be a prequel story about Genie’s story, but they eventually scrapped the idea. Guy Ritchie is set to direct the film, which is very surprising, considering his portfolio.