Dos and Don’ts When Attending Art Fair PH

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Dos and Don’ts When Attending Art Fair PH

There is no try.

| February 21, 2018

Dos and Don’ts

When Attending

Art Fair PH

By Therese Aseoche

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Whether you’re a first timer or a regular visitor of the annual Art Fair Philippines, there are certain rules set in place that must be observed. You’d think that after years of trying to educate people of the proper decorum in art galleries and exhibits anywhere via explicitly worded signs and social media posters, a rundown of rules like this won’t be necessary, but for the sake of all the rule breakers out there, here’s what you need to know:

Don’t touch the artwork

Unless you’re Selena Gomez and can’t keep your hands to yourself, don’t ruin the art pieces with your dirty fingers!


Do maintain a respectable distance between you and the artwork

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View art like you’re flirting at a bar; keep a respectable distance.


Don’t bring outside food and beverages inside

Art Fair PH isn’t a food court! Unless you want to ruin the hard work that was put into the creations, you’d leave the takeout outside of The Link. Besides, you can always get your food and refreshments from Art Fair PH’s own café.


Do engage with the artists

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You don’t have to force yourself to socialize, but if there’s ever an art piece you like or want to discuss over, don’t hesitate to indulge the artist with a conversation. You might even be surprised by some of the stories behind their work.