Daily 8: Rody Duterte/Jon Snow Feels Edition

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Daily 8: Rody Duterte/Jon Snow Feels Edition

Only time will tell.

| September 8, 2015

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The Punisher’s rule is about to end. Or is it?

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte may have announced his “final and categorical” decision not to run for presidency in next year’s elections but anyone who’s rooting for him just won’t let it go–just like how you can’t let go of Jon Snow’s death (*intense crying*). In a way, this announcement has felt a lot like finding out your favorite character has died.

And because it’s hard to let of things that really meant a lot to you (no #hugot intended), this pretty much sums up the stages of your belief system regarding Jon Snow’s death and Duterte’s announcement:

8. You were in S-H-O-C-K

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Wait, what?

7. In denial

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If you’re being honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you aren’t really that surprised. Then again, this doesn’t exactly help you get over the fact that it happened. You tell yourself he’s probably just lying down and taking a nap to think things over. Even Senyora Santibanez thinks he’ll come around. You’ll see.

6. Searching for that ray of light

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Hey, it ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings, right?

5. Doubting yourself

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Now you’re just fooling yourself. Duterte said “final and categorical.” That’s the end of it. Or maybe he has a different definition of that.

4. The calm after the storm

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That’s it. You’ve made up your mind. At this point, you’re just going to give up. You’ve convinced yourself that he’s not coming back. Ever.

3. The calls for desperation

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Just. Make. It. Stop. Please. You know you can’t take it anymore. Somebody please tell us the truth!

2. You just can’t feel anything

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Your inability to know the truth now made you numb from the inside. Nothing really matters…

1. Possibility

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Do you really believe he’s dead aka do you really believe Duterte’s not running? Only time will tell.



Do you have any feels to share about Duterte’s announcement (and, yes, also Jon Snow’s death)? Let us know by commenting below!