8 E3 Game Announcements That Made Our Jaws Drop

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8 E3 Game Announcements That Made Our Jaws Drop

Get your game(r) face on.

| June 22, 2015

E3 2015 is upon us, and everyone who’s even mildly into video games is hoping to hear an announcement or two that could be considered, well, a game-changer. While yes, nearly all of these are sequels or reboots of some sort, it’s honestly really hard to be excited about an entirely new franchise, sight unseen.

So far, we’ve heard quite a few bombshells have dropped!

8. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, PS4


The original Mirror’s Edge for the PS3 was a very fascinating take on parkour, as it used a first-person approach. This sequel seems to be a step in the right direction, and is an update long overdue.


7. Hitman, PS4, XBox One, PC


Hitman has always been a game with a cult following. After the last outing that created new fans and alienated old fans alike, the series is returning to its non-linear sandbox roots, but with current-gen (the PS4 has been out long enough to be called “current-gen,” okay?) specs.


6. Shenmue III, PS4, PC


Kickstarter worked its magic once again, and brought us a long-anticipated sequel to what (was supposed to be an 11-chapter epic) we last heard from in 2001. Shenmue III will be coming soon, and who knows what it will bring to the table since it was arguably the first game to innovate both the sandbox style and the Quick-Time Event, both of which are now commonplace in gaming.


5. The Last Guardian (Again), PS3


After falling into limbo and becoming unheard of, Team Ico is once again on board to bring us “The Last Guardian,” which is something we’ve been waiting for nearly the lifespan of the PS3! If you’re wondering why we’re holding out hope for this game, just realize that the last game from Team Ico was the best-selling and much-beloved Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2.


4. Fallout IV, PS4, XBox One, PC


Unless you’re a huge Kinect or Halo fan (and I’m not, admittedly), the XBox One camp didn’t really release any surprising news about their exclusives. They have a lot of other fascinating surprises, though, which includes backwards compatibility with some XBox 360 games. Nonetheless, the advantage for this multiplatform title goes to XBox over the PS4, since any PC mods that inevitably come around for the game can also be enjoyed by XBox players.

And yes, Fallout IV, the latest installment in the post-apocalyptic retrofuturistic RPG, is a title people have been waiting for since Fallout 3: New Vegas came out in 2010.


3. Dishonored 2, PS4, XBox One, PC


“Accidentally” announced during E3, Bethesda’s (really good) answer to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed may be one of the titles that had people buzzing, because next to no talk was heard about this game prior to the announcement. Considering the huge risk Bethesda took by introducing a new franchise so late in the lifespan of the previous generation, Dishonored 2 looks to pay even more dividends for that initial risk.


2. Super Mario Maker, Wii U


There’s actually a lot to be excited for if you own a Wii U, but the biggest stand out for me technically isn’t even a game: Super Mario Maker is a game creator application that grants you the ability to make your own Super Mario Brothers levels with matching appropriate graphic styles, based on which era you choose to work with. It’s also probably the first E3 announcement that’s actually coming out, since it’s going to be available this September.


1. Final Fantasy VII HD Remastered, PS4 (Timed Exclusive)


We were all clamoring for this for years. This request was denied for so long, but now it’s here! If you were a fan of the original FFVII, with Cloud and Tifa and the rest of the gang, this remake is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s also a good chance for a newer generation to enjoy this game with updated graphics, and maybe even a better translation.



What game announcements have gotten your gamer senses tingling? Tell us about them in the comments below!