8 OPM Songs to Keep You Pumped Up on Election Day

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8 OPM Songs to Keep You Pumped Up on Election Day

Walang susuko sa kinabukasan!

| May 9, 2016

8list-election-day-playlist-header8 OPM Songs to Keep You
Pumped Up
on Election Day

By 8List

Finally, election day. Today is the culmination of months on an emotional rollercoaster. The mudslinging, campaigning and fighting is over. There’s nothing left to do but go out there and hold fast to our hopes and ideals through our all-important vote.

It’s going to be a long day. Let these songs keep you company throughout the process.

8. Sige Lang by Quest


Start your election day responsibilities with this “pick me up” song that sure to get you pumped up for the heavy decisions you’ll be facing today. Today is the beginning of a brand new chapter not just in your life but in the history of our country. Hope is all we have, and that rests on your shoulders.


7. 3 Stars and a Sun by Parokya ni Edgar and Francis M


Francis M is known for his politically-charged rap songs. While he never ventured into politics, the singer-rapper was well known for songs that not just inspired Pinoys to action, but gave us pride in what is our own. Let this serve as a reminder of why you’re voting and what you want to accomplish with your vote.


6. Liwanag sa Dilim by Rivermaya


Pretty straight-forward, ikaw ang liwanag sa dilim. Kaya mo ‘to.


5. Perpekto by Dong Abay


Upon arriving at the voting precinct and maybe even sharing your thoughts with the people around you, you might feel a little overwhelmed and question your vote. No one is perfect, and neither are our candidates. We’re all only human, but we’re here to serve.