8 Reasons Our Love for Carly Rae Jepsen is Undeniable

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8 Reasons Our Love for Carly Rae Jepsen is Undeniable

Are you ready to feel the E·MO·TION?

| September 5, 2015

8 Reasons Our Love for Carly Rae Jepsen is Undeniable

Before you go jumping off into a spiel about “better taste in music,” or being “too old” to still be such a fan of pop, take some time out to listen to Emotion (stylized as E·MO·TION), Carly Rae Jepsen’s newest gem of an album–one that took three long and painful years to make. Long, in the sense that compared to the whirlwind recording time of her previous album Kiss, three years is a major stretch. Painful, in the sense that fans have been waiting for her follow-up album for what seems like a lifetime.

The wait has been well worth it, as listeners are treated to what is a spectacular compilation of ’80s-influenced bangers, an accomplishment in and of itself as a pop album. Emotion is the bouncy castle you ride until you throw up, the kind of album that’s so catchy you can’t help but listen to it until you simply can’t anymore. Let’s face it, when was the last time you listened to an entire album anyway? Yeah, thought so.

Whatever your opinion of her music, it’s undeniable that the unassuming pop star from Canada has succeeded in making pop music history by taking the world over with a single song. Thank the pop gods and goddesses that Carly didn’t stop there.

8. She’s bubblegum pop personified


For the kind of people who enjoy music that clears their head, Carly’s brand of effervescent retro pop is every escapist’s dream. You can leave it on loop in the background and still end your day with a smile on your face. And isn’t that the point of pop music in the first place? The shared experience of sweet, catchy music fueled by universal truths?


7. Throw (Waaaay) Back


Even without the clear ’80’s dance pop influence, Emotion is a trip down memory lane. Carly’s youthful voice and incisive songwriting bring you back to a simpler time of first crushes and fireworks. It unabashedly announces all the feelings you had never been brave enough to voice out, the feelings you had done a terrible job dealing with, and spins them into a cotton candy cloud of sweet (and sometimes painful) nostalgia.


6. She’s Everyman


Carly makes no denials that she’s the quintessential Everyman (in this case, Everygirl), universal in her feelings of ache and longing, disappointment and hope. It doesn’t require a stretch of the imagination (or taste) to find yourself relating to any of her songs, because we’ve all been there. Who hasn’t wanted to go up to their crush and blatantly ask them to call them, maybe? Carly helps us become braver versions of ourselves with both how we deal with people and how we deal with ourselves, all set to the music of a dance party.


5. She makes no compromises when it comes to her music


Part of the reason Emotion took her almost two and a half years to complete was because she refused to compromise her goals and artistic vision for something that would simply sell records. You can feel her reaching out through the tracks, coaxing you into enjoyment despite yourself.


4. The Ultimate Squad


Making this album was no easy task, as Carly reached out to every songwriter and musician she admired and asked them to collaborate with her. Her efforts have clearly paid off because Tom Hanks!


3. She’s unapologetic


Despite haters throwing our girl massive shade, Carly shrugs off the industry’s need to label all their stars and pidgeonhole them. She just wants to be as authentic as possible, and let the music speak for itself.


2. The Comeback Queen


While her second album, Kiss, did little compared to the pop culture phenomenon that was Call Me Maybe, Carly wasn’t deterred. She stayed true to her vision as an artist and stayed in the game, recording song ideas on her phone every spare moment she got. Her efforts have resulted in one of the best pop albums we’ve experienced in years, and critics and fans alike were right to wait for it patiently. Emotion is carefully cultivated, as precise as it is heartbreakingly honest.


1. She proves that feelings speak louder than a pop star persona


Our girl just want to give the world the gift of feels. All of the feels.



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