Essential Life Skills Filipino Millennials Should Have

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Essential Life Skills Filipino Millennials Should Have

We blame you, internet.

| November 8, 2016

Essential Life Skills Filipino Millennials Should Have

By Therese Aseoche



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The world is definitely changing fast and there are some skills that our parents had that we now lack. Because of the rise of better technology, the age of faster internet, and the power of social media, we are lulled into thinking we could do without these skills our parents had. We think that as long as we have our mobile phones and WiFi, we’ll survive. These tools made us dependent, conforming, and socially inept–it all may sound harsh, but we’ll survive.

But there are scenarios where these might not save you. Here are 8 essential life skills Filipino Millennials should have right now.

 8. How to fact-check online news.


We have ourselves fooled that what we see is what we get, especially when it comes to news headlines. Rare are the occasions when we actually click the link and read through the article because it’s just faster to see your friend’s reactions and then share the article with a similar emoji. It becomes embarrassing, then, when we eventually get comments on our shared post: “Check the date when this was published,” or “This is a hoax,” or, worse, “This news is fake.”

With all the time we spend mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds and timelines, you’d think we’d actually be able to allot a few minutes to read before we share what could be false information, saving ourselves from looking stupid.


 7. How not to spend as fast as you earn.


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While we don’t spend on big-ticket items like houses and cars (at least, not yet), we tend to spend freely and more frequently on smaller things like food, arts and crafts, and booze. It’s no wonder we always relate to GIF and meme posts that say, “Nung naubos na kaagad sweldo mo.” Most millennials aren’t even financially literate to invest in stocks and make transactions other than cash deposits in the bank, which could become a problem in the next few years when they’ll have to think about “adulting.”


6. Basic self-defense moves.


It’s an increasingly dangerous world out there, whether we care to admit it or not. There’s no telling what could happen to us one day. It’s better to be well-trained and prepared than helpless.


5. How to develop a well-backed opinion.


These days, it’s so easy to be influenced by mob mentality without knowing both sides of the coin, especially when one side aggressively state their opinions as facts without the benefit of research or verification. And if we let ourselves be carried away by our own biased stands, and then engage in a conversation about the issue with better-informed people, only then will we realize we’re just voicing out what we read online rather than our true sentiments–thereby losing our own credibility.