Everything You Need To Know About “Injustice 2”

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Everything You Need To Know About “Injustice 2”

…or why are Superman and Batman fighting… AGAIN?

| May 25, 2017


You Need To Know

About “Injustice 2”

By Matthew Arcilla

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As if we weren’t already spoiled this year with great tactical shooters, open world adventures and roleplaying games this year, along comes another game that’s sweeping the charts and doing gangbusters in sales. Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealms Studios has delivered Injustice 2, a fighting game that pits iconic DC characters against one another in epic over the top battles.

Catching up on the lore is easy.

Set in a version of the parallel reality where Superman has become irredeemable, Injustice is set in an alternate dystopian universe in which the various heroes and villains of the DC beat the snot out of each other because reasons. Injustice 2 follows the first game with Batman and his allies trying to put the world back together. You can pick up the first Injustice for as low as 250 PHP ($5) online and finish it in an afternoon, but WB Games has no problems letting websites upload the whole story on YouTube.


Wait, so how do mere mortals survive super punching?

Pills made from Kryptonian nanotech called 5-U-93-R is why. In the first Injustice, Luthor is an ally of Superman and created the pills to help the Man of Steel create an army. It’s not long before Batman’s rebel insurgents get a hold of the pills, and Harley Quinn later distributes them to the entire Joker clan. The pills increase bone and tissue strength, tensility and durability, which means Captain Cold doesn’t get liquefied by a punch from Supergirl. Comic book science, everybody.


Play through the story mode first, because it’s awesome.

Complaints have been made about the single player content in Street Fighter V, which seem rather silly since fighting games are competitive spirit first, narrative focus last. But NetherRealm Studios’ commitment to story astounds. Injustice is still grim dark nonsense, mind you, but with tongue firmly in cheek. Which means you’ll get to see some of the DC Universe’s biggest names get their time to shine without the restrictions of a movie’s three act structure or special effects budget.

Character customization is totally a thing.

Completing challenges in the ‘Multiverse,’ rewards you with loot boxes and gear, which enable you to customize individual fighters. That means with the right gear and shaders you can revert Harley Quinn to a jester outfit with colors of your choice, make the Blue Beetle look like Optimus Prime or turn the Flash into a purple fetish monster. It’s not just cosmetic though as some gear can enhance stats, which matters in game modes where the auto-balance settings are off.