Rescuing Facemasks for Oily-Skinned Pinays

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Rescuing Facemasks for Oily-Skinned Pinays

When you shine bright like a diamond.

| March 1, 2017

Rescuing Facemasks for

Oily-Skinned Pinays

By Shen Mascariñas

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Having oily skin can feel quite like a curse some days, especially during summer. The metro’s inescapable humidity only makes things worse, attracting more jokes like your forehead is greasy enough to fry an egg on it. Har har har (*eye roll*).

Kapit lang, mga bes.

Your beautifully moist skin just requires a little more TLC. Treat yourself to these facemasks one to three times a week, and feel huge improvements in your skin!

8. Aquapore Lentil Bean Seed Anti Sebum Mask

Aquapore’s product takes the form of a gel, bio-cellulose mask that purifies and nourishes pores mainly through lentil bean seeds. Your skin will feel cleaner, smoother and stronger.


7. Missha Natural Green Clay Mask

Missha’s natural color clay mask is color-coded for different skin issues. The green one is targeted to absorb excess oil and to clean out pores. You’ll feel your skin tighten and pores get smaller—making you closer to Koreans’ coveted porcelain skin.


6. The Blacks Essential Mask: Black Cacao

This natural charcoal mask infused with black cacao absorbs impurities and excess sebum while nourishing your skin. Aside from making it considerably less oily, it will feel more hydrated and polished as well.


5. Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

Lush is famous for their handmade products that uses natural ingredients. All their facemasks are made with fresh fruit, butters and essential oils to revitalize your skin. Love Lettuce specifically restores skin’s balance and softness. It does wonders for oily skin by stabilizing sebum production while brightening complexion.