FIFA World Cup Primer: Here are the Best Matches of All Time

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FIFA World Cup Primer: Here are the Best Matches of All Time


| June 14, 2018

FIFA World Cup Primer:

Here are the Best Matches of All Time

By Desiree Pore

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: now that the NBA Finals is over, it’s time for another great sporting event to take the spotlight; the World Cup is back once again, this time in Russia! Before we witness another historic World Cup action, take a look back at some of the greatest football matches in history that made a mark to every football fans throughout the world.

1. Italy v West Germany (4-3), 1970

Known as the “Game of the Century”, Italy was set to take the match when Roberto Boninsegna scored on the 8th minute of the game. The West Germans equalized during the end of the second half thanks to AC Milan player Karl-Heinz Schellinger, forcing the game to go to extra-time. What happened next was an exchange of greatness between the two teams, with Italy going to another World Cup Final.


2. Argentina v England (2-1), 1986

The longstanding rivalry between the two highly competitive teams reached its peaked during the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals. In a span of just 4 minutes, football legend Diego Maradona scored two of the greatest and most controversial goals in the history of World Cup. Six minutes into the second half, Maradona produced the controversial “Hand of God” goal, when he reached the ball with his hand against goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

Four minutes after that infamous goal, Maradona again scored a goal that would be known as the “Goal of the Century”; Maradona successfully weaved through five English defenders and again Shilton, leaving the English team stunned and bewildered.


3. England v West Germany (4-2), 1966

One of the most dramatic and most watched finals game in World Cup history, England won the match in the most controversial way (which is still being debated to this day) due to what went down during the extra-time. During the 101st minute of the game, Geoff Hurst hit a shot into the crossbar then bounced out. Russian linesman Tofiq Bahramov awarded the goal to the team, giving them a 3-2 lead. Hurst completed his hat trick and gave England the win, with BBC’s Kenneth Wolstenholme enthusiastically announced “They think it’s all over – It is now!”


4. Italy v Brazil (3-2), 1982

Considered as one of the greatest games in World Cup history, Brazil’s 1982 team consisted of Socrates, Falcao, and Zico, one of the most talented Brazilian line-ups in history. Thanks to Italy’s hard defense and Paolo Rossi’s hat-trick, Italy went on to win the match and the World Cup, again with the heroics of Rossi.