Filipino Characteristics that We are Absolutely Proud of

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Filipino Characteristics that We are Absolutely Proud of

See that light at the end of the tunnel?

| August 21, 2017

Filipino Characteristics

that We are Absolutely Proud of

By Kyzia Maramara

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Drowning in all the negativity of today’s issues we often forget that there’s a brighter side to things. It’s so easy to pour all your attention on the bad things and just set aside the good ones. Why? Maybe it’s because all the good things in our lives are always there, always constant, and it’s the bad things that are ever changing.

Take a breather. Remember how we Filipinos are as a people. Remember how we’ve undergone tough times together and we’ve risen above it together. Our character as a nation is what gets us through the tough times. So keep on reading and be reminded that there’s always a good reason to rejoice in being a Filipino.

Our superpower called positivity

Whether we have been through natural calamities, different political point of views, or unpleasant circumstances in general, we have the power to turn our frowns upside down. I believe that Filipinos are innately happy people and that whatever’s thrown our way better watch out because we can’t be brought low just by these problems!

Aren’t you genuinely amazed at footage of people affected by super typhoon floods where they’re rowing their makeshift boats and waving at the camera? That’s positivity right there! Although, of course, sometimes we bleed on the inside.


Funny Human Beings

Perhaps one of the best characteristics of a Filipino is his ability to make other people laugh. After all, we are a bunch of people who love to laugh everything away. Easy lang. That’s why we’re provided with fresh memes every day from the witty minds of a lot of individuals out there. Memes taken from teleserye scenes, joke tweets, and many more. It’s like we’re telling ourselves that hey, we know life can be a pain but let’s smile through it all!


The Bayanihan Culture

Bayanihan doesn’t only translate to how our ancestors used to carry other people’s houses to help get them somewhere, in modern times it can also translate to people helping to catch a snatcher on the street and beat him up. Or how neighbors rush to a burning house and attempt to douse the fire with buckets of their own. Or if you want a digital example, how other people help catch criminals just by a post from the internet. What benefit do we gain from doing all these? Nothing. But we deem it worthy, that’s why it’s bayanihan.


Hospitability to the extent of sacrificing one’s self

When you visit a Filipino home, whether it’s your classmate’s, your relatives’, or even somebody you just met, you will be greeted with hospitable people and, most importantly, food. There’s always food during these visits! Folks will be randomly whipping out cookies and soft drinks and laying them on the table, all for free!  And if there’s none, just wait because they will cook something up for you in a jiffy. Also, saying that you’re full and can’t eat anymore will be of no use, Lola or Nanay won’t take that nonsense so you better eat!