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Films That Accurately Portray the LGBT Community

Films Senator Pacquiao will never see.

| February 22, 2017

Films That Accurately Portray the LGBT Community

By Meg Santibanez

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The topic of sexual orientation has been in the spotlight lately, no thanks to some Senators who think that cross-dressing can lead to crimes.  In an age when all the information one could ever want or need (indeed, even the ones they don’t want or need) are readily available, there are some who choose to deny, and even condemn, the existence of gays and lesbians. But essentially what it all comes down to is the love that exists between people, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Here we round up some LGBT films that accurately portray the people in this community: as fellow human beings.

Love is Strange


What do you do if you’re forced to separate from your significant other after  your wedding because of financial difficulty? Love is Strange explores that dilemma between newly-wed partners, Ben and George, who are forced to deal with the capricious family dynamics they find themselves in.




The Weekend tells the story of a weekend where leads Russell and Glen, after a hook-up, find themselves immersed in discussions about life, love, sex, careers and gay rights. It’s a film about self-discovery as much as it is a love story.




Carol explores the ups and down of two women: Carol, a woman struggling through a complicated divorce, and Therese, a young woman aspiring to be a photographer. And in the process, both women find themselves falling in love while dealing with their own personal problems.


Brokeback Mountain


Brokeback Mountain was one of the most popular films about gay romantic love. It’s about a forbidden relationship between two cowboys, Jack and Ennis, whose love is tested by the dynamics of a traditional family setup.