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8 Foods That Tell You You’re in A Pinoy Handaan

Not a true Pinoy party without these.

| October 25, 2016

8 Foods That Tell You You’re in A Pinoy Handaan

By Meg Santibañez

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Filipinos love food. As such, we have so many variations of certain dishes, like the classic adobo. But it is during celebrations that we find the classics. These practically define a true Pinoy handaan. The items on this list are such essentials, it’s never really a fiesta without them.

8. Lumpia


And don’t forget the garlicky sweet and sour sauce to dip them in.


7. Pancit Bihon


Our grandparents are firm believers that the pancit bihon is the secret to a long life (pampahaba ng buhay). There’s some truth to this with all the veggie bonuses. Unless there’s too much vetsin, of course.


6. Leche Flan


Ahhh. We are so fond of this decadent dessert that the leche flan might as well be the National Matamis.


5. Buko Salad


Another Pinoy dessert classic, the Buko Salad isn’t really a Pinoy buko salad if there’s no nata de coco.