8 Things All Geeky Parents Will Want to Get Their Kids

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8 Things All Geeky Parents Will Want to Get Their Kids

Because you want the best for them. *wink*

| May 16, 2016


8 Things All Geeky Parents Will Want to Get Their Kids


With DOTA competitions offering millions of dollars in cash prizes, cosplay on the rise, and technology booming—being a geek at this day and age is definitely the “in” thing. Unlike before when geeks were considered “uncool.”

Let’s face it, everybody has a little geekiness in their heart. If you deny it, then you are denying Star Wars, video games, and comics. You can’t possibly hate all three of those things, right? Geek culture is becoming big and there are plenty of things parents can pass down to their geek-to-be. Check out this list for things every parent needs for their fledgling nerd:


8. Chewbacca Onesie


Keep your child cozy and warm in this awesome Chewbacca Onsie. He’ll forever have an affinity with onesie’s and pyjamas after owning this bad boy. He’ll also be coming home proud after looking so cool at sleepovers. Come on! It’s chewy, and it’s a onesie! What more is there to say? Get it here!

7. Vinyl Sugar Marvel Dorbz


All geeks are collectors at hearts. Get your little ones to start collecting with a set of these official Marvel merchandise vinyl pops. There tiny, cute, and best when in a group! Vinyl pops are a huge thing now, with so many characters from favorite TV shows, movies, video games and comics available. Once they start collecting, they’ll never stop. The good news is, the value of these collectibles will only rise in time. Get them started with the Marvel edition here.

6. R2D2 Lunch Bag


For school supplies, get your kid this neat R2-D2 lunchbag that even makes sounds and lights up! His classmates will probably think it’s a pillow or a stuffed toy until he pops it open then boom! Amazeballs. His classmates will probably ask their parents to get them one ASAP, but he’ll be that cool kid that rocked the R2-D2 lunchbag first! Purchase one here!

5. Darkside Ollie


The Darkside Ollie is the RC car of the future – except it does tricks and is way cooler than an RC car. It’s a tiny robot inside a black cylinder that can go up to 14 mph! It can jump, flip, skid, and tumble via remote control using an app on your smartphone! Kids of today are so lucky because they have access to this gem. Get it right here! Admit it – you want it too!

4. Minecraft


It’s hard to steer away your children from the inevitable world of smartphones and the internet—instead, help them embrace technology. Get them into Minecraft to increase their creativity, promote team work and improve their problem solving skills–all while playing a video game. Who says games can’t be beneficial? Get the game here!

3. Pokemon Cards Starting Kit


Collecting things is just a kid thing to do. It gave us a sense of accountability and pride—not to mention helped us kill hours during dismissal waiting for our sundo to arrive.. Games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering will surely help you kids not only appreciate art but also teach them the value of proper planning.. The graphics on Pokemon cards are intricate and not too overwhelming for kidsYou could say that Pokemon will prepare your child to enter the world of competitive trading card games! Get em’ a two player starter pack here.

2. 8-Bit Sunglasses


Kids need accessories too! But let’s not go overboard by getting themsomething that isn’t age-appropriate—these years, are, after all, their license to look cute as hell without the irony. Opt for simpler yet more suitable 8-bit sunglasses. Deep down in your heart, the geek in you wants to wear these too, but alas, you have to be an adult, so leave it for your kid so he can bask in the glory of geekiness! Get a pair right here!

1. Anteater Bug Vac


This awesome vacuum is designed to vacuum up bugs and send them straight to its transparent stomach, where kids can observe and study the bugs before letting them free. Back in the day, there was nothing close to this contraption. Kids would have to pick up ants and bugs with their bare hands. This toy not only provides an adventure for the kids, it also ensures their safety. You never know what kids could pick up, after all. Get it here!

Know any other must-haves for our future geeks? Sound off in the comments below!