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Getting Into Photography? These Cameras Might Be Perfect For You!

Sometimes you need something more than a smart phone.

| July 12, 2018

Getting Into Photography?

These Cameras

Might Be Perfect

For You!

By Kyzia Maramara


Photography is probably one of the greatest hobbies you can cultivate. It hones your creative eye, letting you see mundane things in an artistic light. Photography also serves as a preservation of a moment, no matter how annoyed you get with your friends who always seem to be snapping photos during important events, you’ll be grateful they preserved the memories afterward.

If you’re just getting into photography, it’s beneficial to know as much as you can about the different types of cameras so you can properly figure out which one suits you the best.

Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

Everybody owns at least a DSLR or Mirrorless camera these days. DSLRs are the bulky digital cameras you most likely picture in your head when people say ‘digital camera.’ They’re perfect professional cameras for any situation, creating clear and beautiful shots. You can also attach a wide array of lenses to the body.
Mirrorless cameras recently entered the photography game, they can do anything DSLRs can, the difference is they’re compact and easier to lug around. The downside is most mirrorless cameras won’t allow you to change lenses and have tricky automatic focus, but it delivers photo quality as great as DSLRs nonetheless.

Film Camera

Shooting with a film camera is always coupled with an excitement DSLRs can’t provide, you’ll never know if your shots are great unless you get the film roll developed and then you adjust your shooting style from there.
There are hundreds of film camera models out there waiting for your creative direction. You can purchase second-hand analog cameras and film rolls online via Film4ever, Analogique, Lomomanila Marketplace, and Film Folk. Once you’ve used up a roll, get them developed at Sunny16 Lab!


Disposable/Toy cameras

This is an easy point and shoot camera that no Huji app can replicate. Its only difference with phone cameras is that you have limited shots which, in my opinion, makes it all the more fun. With disposable cameras, you get conscious about which parts of your day are really worth immortalizing.
Disposable cameras range from Php 500 – 700 depending on the type and where you get them. Online, you can purchase them at Film Folk, look for them on Facebook marketplace, or even at Carousell. They’re cheaper if you buy them in Japan or Hong Kong so if you know somebody going there, hoard disposables! You can also get them developed at Sunny16 Lab.



Another fun way to take photos is through Instax film where you can capture precious moments and get to print them instantly! Instax has a charm that all the other cameras don’t, for starters, the printed photos are designed to last you a lifetime so one day you can look back at a shoebox full of polaroids and reminisce.
Instax recently launched their newest camera, the Instax Square SQ6. The prints are in a spacious square format so you don’t have to choose between landscape and portrait. Instax Square SQ6 also automatically adjusts the brightness and darkness of your photo, allows you to take perfect selfies, and is equipped with cool filters. That’s not even the best part! With Square SQ6, you can print photos in Double Exposure Mode, just press the shutter twice to capture an artistic shot with two images in the same print.
Visit and follow their official Facebook page for more information!