Getting Into Photography? These Cameras Might Be Perfect For You!

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Getting Into Photography? These Cameras Might Be Perfect For You!

Sometimes you need something more than a smart phone.

| July 12, 2018

Paper Shoot

A Paper Shoot camera serves as a unique and fun way to take photos. They are eco-friendly, stylish, affordable digital cameras with a casing made out of stone paper, with the size of a cassette tape! The shots are unlimited too, as long as you still have space in your SD card. These cameras are lightweight and come in quirky designs, they serve as a perfect tool for teaching kids the basics of photography. You can immediately view your shots once you plug the memory card to the computer.

Action cameras

In today’s world of thrill seekers and adventurers, there’s an endless demand for action cameras. Action cameras are small and compact, perfect for trips anywhere. You can mount them on your bike, on your bag, on your helmet, and you can even take them for a swim. They serve as a witness to every adventurer’s travel.
GoPro is a well-known action camera which produces great quality photo and video even in dark lighting. For those thinking the price is ridiculous, there’s still the SJ Cam which performs as well as GoPros but half the price, and Supremo 4K which is affordable but doesn’t really do much in low light.


Phone Camera

Not all phone cameras produce great photos but they are easily accessible seeing as we never leave the house without our phones. The quality, or megapixels, ranges from phone brand and model to phone brand. The iPhone series all have amazing camera qualities that some people can even shoot music videos with it!
The trick to taking good photos with your phone camera is first watching a tutorial on the different camera functions for the specific brand and then exploring all that your camera has to offer. Purchase a phone with great depth of field in the camera, it’ll do wonders for your shots!



There’s no better way to record your adventures than by capturing breathtaking drone shots of the place. Drones aren’t at all hard to transport, they’re becoming more and more compact with each new model launched. You can keep them in a backpack-sized hard case or purchase ones that can actually fit in your bag. Reap the social media benefits of having great photos in your feed courtesy of your awesome drone shots.

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