Great Urban Designs the Philippines Needs to Borrow from Other Countries

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Great Urban Designs the Philippines Needs to Borrow from Other Countries

Why can’t we have nice things?

| April 6, 2017

Japan’s Underground Parking Spaces

It’s ironic how almost everyone owns a car in our country’s metropolis, and yet parking spaces are inadequate. If only we had enough resources and efficient public servants we’d be able to build underground parking infrastructure like in Japan, where you can park your car inside an automated garage via a multi-story network below ground.


Singapore’s Breeze Shelters

To combat the country’s humid environment, Singapore has these solar-powered, motion-activated fans that give passersby a cool break. For an idea so simple and possibly not so expensive, why don’t we have those too? The Philippines is just as hot and humid!


Green Roofs

They absorb heat, insulate buildings, decrease air pollution and look really pretty. All these reasons and more prove why we should be adopting the green-roof concept in our local infrastructures. With the lack of green spaces in the metro now, we need to move towards integrating nature into our numerous concrete structures.


Geneva’s Urban Algae Farm

Our previous efforts to lessen air pollution (the Coca-Cola green billboard, those hanging wall plants along EDSA) have been noble, but they’ve never lasted long enough to produce significant results. In Geneva, there’s an overpass that has transparent tubes with algae that feed off carbon dioxide expelled by cars on the highway below it.


What other urban designs from other countries do you wish we have here in the Philippines? Share them with us below!