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Things You’ll Know When Growing up with a Strict Lola

Lolas can be the stuff of nightmares.

| December 8, 2016


Things You’ll Know When Growing up with a Strict Lola

By Therese Aseoche


If you think growing up with strict parents is a pain, try growing up with a strict grandmother. The wrath of the self-proclaimed boss of the household is the one thing we try our hardest to avoid, but get anyway—and usually over the smallest of mistakes. If you’re one of us who got scolded and looked down on for deviating from our grandmother’s idea of perfection (a.k.a. someone exactly like her), you’ll know the following to be true.

8. The only acceptable time to get a bae is at 30 years old.


Even if you’re in your late 20s, your strict grandmother will still view you as a child and under their control. Conservative grandmothers, most especially, will look disapprovingly at your relationship and will be ready to attack the moment they catch you kissing or hugging or even holding hands.


7. She will always wake you up two hours before school starts.


It’s so you won’t get caught in traffic during the morning rush. Even if your school’s just 15 minutes away.


6. You must finish all the food on your plate.


Yes, you have to finish that mountain of rice she puts on your plate alongside your measly serving of ulam, because eating all of her food is a sign of your indebtedness and love for her cooking.


5. You hear “O, ano, sira na ‘no?” every time you drop your phone accidentally.


Every. Single. Time.

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