8 Step Guide to a Happy & Minimalist Living Space

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8 Step Guide to a Happy & Minimalist Living Space

Admit that you are now 2 sizes bigger and clean out the drawer.

| June 1, 2017

8 Step Guide

to a Happy & Minimalist

Living Space

By Camille Bacsa

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Whether your space is your childhood bedroom whose decor matured with you through the ages, or a swanky new condo you just moved into, there are always tidbits of clutter that somehow manage to permeate your living space. Here are some tips to fight out the bad and make sure your space is full of zen.

1. Toss out anything past its expiry date.

This should be taken literally and figuratively. All toiletries have a shelf life after all, and you know you shouldn’t keep that old gunky tube of mascara no matter how good its brush is. Likewise, don’t lie to yourself about those too-small or no-longer-age-appropriate clothes that still sentimentally hang in your closet. You know they have to go so you can have breezier mornings finding clothes you actually mix and match.


2. Map out zones in your space

Just like how there is a right time for everything, there is also a right place for every knick knack that you own. Designate a corner for books and collectibles, and a separate, organized space for your clothes and accessories. In case you have some memorabilia you’d like to safekeep but aren’t for display, consider investing (or DIYing) a pretty box where you can conveniently toss them all in. Perfect for rummaging through on those boring-and-blue sentimental Sunday afternooons!


3. Avoid excessive visually heavy decor

Colorful, artsy pieces can liven up the room with your personality, but only if done in moderation. As the saying goes, too much of anything is bad, and in this case, the visual clutter might cause you stress rather than relaxation. Make sure to choose only the pieces that reflect your current goals and aspirations, so even when you’re not hustling, you’re still in an environment that boosts your confidence.


4. Introduce greenery to your space

Mother nature knows best, and bringing her green elements indoors will not only give you some sense of serenity, but it’s also a welcome sight when you drive your eyes away from your laptop, phone, or TV. Props to you too if you can raise a little garden!