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8 Step Guide to a Happy & Minimalist Living Space

Admit that you are now 2 sizes bigger and clean out the drawer.

| June 1, 2017

5. Keep your important valuables and documents in an easy to grab bag or carry-all

We never know when emergencies might happen, so it’s best to be ready. It’s a good idea to have all of your important documents like deeds of property, passports, original birth certificates, bank statements, diplomas, tax documents, among other important files in one place so you can just grab it and run should there ever be a need. It’s also a pretty neat way to conceal all of your paperwork, especially if you’re the kind who winds up building insurmountable piles.


6. Do a monthly or quarterly purge to rid of stuff you don’t use often

This takes a lot of discipline and honesty, but in case you struggle with letting go of your stuff, you can always do this one with friends by getting them to purge too and swap your “pre-loved” items with theirs. It’s a win-win because you both keep things to a minimum and there’s some excitement in regularly switching up your items at no cost!


7. Aim for a few good quality pieces of furniture and appliances

Less is truly more, especially if the big ticket items you buy are classics that will last for years to come.  Looking for items that are dual purpose will also make your budget go the extra mile. While it might be tempting to buy cheaper, temporary looking pieces in the short run, say a sofa, it might actually cost you more money and headaches in the long term to maintain, replace, or buy another item that serves an extra purpose (e.g. additional sleeping area for guests), Worth your while then to be picky, wait it out, as you look for that perfect sofa bed!


8. Create a pamper-me station

We all have those days when we just need extra TLC. To make your home your abode for relaxation, invest in creating a personalized corner filled with your favourite goodies. It can be as fancy as you wish like aged wine served in fancy glassware, or a soothing home spa kit with your favourite bath bombs and body butters. No matter what your stress-reliever is, make a pretty space for it so it will be a real treat when you indulge in it after a day of hard work.


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