Surprising Benefits of Getting Scared

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Surprising Benefits of Getting Scared

Fear is good for you.

| October 28, 2015


With Halloween only a few days away now, get ready for mini heart attacks and fearful ugly cries. While this isn’t the typical definition of fun, most people can’t wait for this peculiar season. They live for the rush of intense feelings (nevermind that it’s mostly negative) that anything scary, mysterious and disgusting brings.

Not part of that group? Perhaps it’s due to lack of awareness about fear-induced benefits. You’ll be pleased to know that some are health-related, practical and even (sort of) aesthetic. Here are unexpected perks of getting scared that just might change your Halloween disposition.

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Not all frightful screams come from horror movies and extreme activities; sometimes people are terrified of simple things like public speaking and confrontation. When you overcome this kind of fear, the type sprouting from taking a chance and making yourself vulnerable, the payoff is incredible. You’ll come out of these situations with enhanced self-esteem and a higher level of confidence.

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There are horror movie characters that you want to kick in the face for going into dark basements despite obvious signs that these places are freakin’ haunted. Thankfully, there are also leading actors that are strong enough to beat monsters or smart enough to end curses.

While you watch or experience staged scary events, you learn what not to do and how to respond effectively. This may seem like basic knowledge, but those learnings actually stick to you; you’ll be able to apply them when you’re faced with real-life threats.

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According to Health News, getting scared with your partner can actually be a “turn on” depending on your reactions. Side note: Looks like Halloween will be a great time to test possible baes.

When people are put in a spooky situation, their real sides come out. If men show that they have a firm hold of their emotions, studies show that more women will find them attractive. On the other hand, studies also show that women who show their vulnerable side are more appealing to men.

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After your body gets stressed from fear, it goes into a compensatory mode called parasymphathetic rebound that’s basically being in a very relaxed state. Supporting this, Dr. Dobrenski points out that feeling fear can actually be therapeutic for the body.

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A scary movie ends and you see its viewers coming out of the cinema chattering cheerfully with smiling faces. The same is true for those who’ve just finished going around a haunted house. Strange, isn’t it?

Although weird to look at, this actually makes sense scientifically. According to Jeff Wise, scaring someone causes their happy hormones to flow more freely, leading to a sense of euphoria.

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When you get scared, whether it’s from something real or fake, your body responds for your protection. According to ABC News, one of the peculiar ways your body does this is heightening your focus on the perceived threat. You may feel that you’re moving in slow motion, which is caused by your brain preparing you to fight the threat.

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Running out of face powder or tired of your tan? Do something that horrifies you, and you won’t need to open your kikay kit for your face to turn a shade lighter.

The saying “pale as a ghost” actually has a scientific basis. ABC News explains that when you’re horrified, your body instantly sends blood to vital organs and muscles that are essential in getting away from or combating potential threats. This leaves your face more pale than usual.

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Do you ever feel like you came from a workout when in reality, you came from watching a scary movie or conquering a haunted house? The Doctors argue that you actually burn calories when you’re scared. This is supported by Dr. Peter Yellowlees; he explains that when spooked, you tend to sweat more, your breathing rate increases, and your arms and legs also get stimulated.

With this piece of information, you’ll likely see more people at haunted houses than gyms.


Have you experienced any of these surprising benefits? Share below! And if you haven’t, watch out for these effects this coming Halloween!