Here Are Places Near Manila for Your Unstoppable Adventures

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Here Are Places Near Manila for Your Unstoppable Adventures

A breather is just a short ride away from the metro.

| February 12, 2018

Here Are Places Near Manila

for Your Unstoppable Adventures

By 8List

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Living and working in the big city can get overwhelming with all the noise pollution, traffic jam, and crowded streets. That is why a quick escape from this place always cross our minds, even for just a weekend. The good news is, there are tons of adventures just near Manila where you can do just that—whether you want an adventurous or a laid-back weekend with the bae.

Here are some of the best roadtrip destinations near Manila that are so accessible—you can even reach them by motorcycle:

Puning Hot Springs and Spa, Porac, Pampanga

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Travel time: 2-3 hours

Mount Pinatubo is a popular place for hikers, but if you’re not much of a mountain climber, there’s a hot spring restaurant just a few minutes away from the Pampanga area. Puning Hot Springs is a beautiful disaster—it sits at the foot of the volcano with extraordinary land formations brought about by the 1991 eruption. It’s not your ordinary hot springs place: they offer a volcanic sand spa experience where you can lie in a thick layer of fine volcanic ash sand heated by charcoal embers. One thing to tick off your bucket list! They also have 8 hot spring pools and one cold pool.


El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal

Travel time: 1.5-2 hours

Ever tried getting “boiled”? You can in this unusual hot bath in Rizal! It’s called the Kawa bath, where you soak into hot water filled with herbs and flowers. Don’t worry, you can handle the water’s heat since the entire place, called El Patio Razon, sits on a high land formation that overlooks the mesmerizing view of Tanay. You can go for a day trip or an overnight stay to let you breathe in the place’s natural beauty. Other activities include horseback riding, glamping, and film watching under the stars. You can even do side trips on Treasure Mountain and Mount Pinatubo. The place is Instagram-worthy, but photos don’t do justice on how breathtaking the El Patio Razon is.


Nayomi Sanctuary Resort, Balete, Batangas

Travel time: 2-3 hours

A cozy night under the stars is always a great idea, but the icky feeling of camping outside sometimes holds us back. Why not try glamping?  Glamorous camping or glamping is like having a small hotel room inside a tent, and you get the same benefit as camping. If you haven’t tried it, invite your bae to Nayomi Sanctuary Resort in Batangas, a quiet glamping site just a few hours away from Manila. Here, you’ll wake up with a refreshing view of the taal lake—just the vibe you need to help you disconnect for a while. The resort also comes with massage area, playground and two pool areas where you go wakeboarding and fly fishing.


Mt. Balagbag, Rodriguez, Rizal

Travel Time: 2-3 hours

Nature trekkers who are on the quest for new mountains to climb always consider the province of Rizal because of its proximity to Manila. If you’re new to hiking, you can start off with Mt. Balagbag in the town of Rodriguez. The trail is wide and beginner-friendly, it’s also a favorite among mountain bikers. You’ll get to see waterfalls and rivers along the way and on top a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre range. You can also see Metro Manila’s city line up here!