Here’s How to Make Your Noche Buena Even Better


Here’s How to Make Your Noche Buena Even Better

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| December 22, 2017

Here’s How to Make Your Noche Buena Even Better

By 8List

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The one thing that every family looks forward to during the holidays is none other than Noche Buena. Families love coming together and indulging in their usual food favorites. This year, level up your Christmas dinner with these tips!

Have a family portrait session

A family that wears matchy-matchy clothes together stays together. Plan the theme and have a fun pictorial at home so you can post it on Facebook!


Play games

Make your Noche Buena even more exciting by incorporating some fun games that the whole family can enjoy like Pinoy Henyo, Ang Pinaka, and charades.


Let the kids cook something

Cook something special for your family! Or, if you have kids, let them prepare something! It doesn’t have to be super difficult to do; it could even be something as simple as a fruit salad.


Bring Reyal Litson Manok to the table

Aside from cooking up a family favorite, this year you can level up your usual barbecued chicken ulam. Surprise your family by bringing sauce-sarap Reyal Litson Manok to share over at the dinner table! They won’t believe that it’s way different and much more flavorful because instead of getting lechon sauce or toyomansi, they will get a sweet and spicy sauce that’s made with honey, chili oil and garlic bits — flavors that will surely become the highlight of the Noche Buena.