8 Reasons Why You Might Want a Paternity Test

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8 Reasons Why You Might Want a Paternity Test

Don’t live your life not knowing.

| August 12, 2016

Why You Might Want
a Paternity Test
By 8List

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We only really hear about paternity tests during hardcore scenes in telenovelas, like when the overbearing mother of the handsome, put-upon hero reveals that the beautiful but poor chimay of the mansion, who’s also his girlfriend, is actually his…twin sister.

Aside from that, we almost never hear about it in our daily lives. It’s not exactly relevant until doubt and fear start to plague your life as a man—as well as a potential father.

Here are some reasons why you might want to take that paternity test.

8. You’ve been subpoenaed for child support.

8 Paternity Test

One day, some woman from your past suddenly files a child support subpoena against you. There goes your world slowly crumbling down, and the panic is amplified after you remembered that you were condom-less during the act.

But all is not lost; consider all the possibilities, especially the off-chance that you may be a victim of paternity fraud, and there’s a ray of light—now go get that paternity test and learn more about child support.

7. To establish your validity as a father.

7 Paternity Test

You just had a nasty argument with your wife. You separated the week after. Now she’s claiming that you’re not really the father of your child. You were livid at first, but moments later, an endless stream of justifications comes to light: “Is that the reason why…?” You’re now under the spell of doubt. Do not fret! Fight for your rights and prove it in the most scientific way. Need we explain more? Duh—take that paternity test.

6. To make sure your money doesn’t go to waste

6 Paternity Test

We’re talking about 18+ years of child support, and it’s not that you’re selfish or anything, but the last thing you want to happen is to commit a portion of your already limited income to a child that may not even be yours. Be a smart investor–take that test.

5. And that goes double for your emotional investment

5 Paternity Test

But really, the super last-last thing you want to happen is for all your emotional investments to go to waste. You still remember how painful the experience was when you learned that your high school girlfriend (that you loved so-so much) lied to you; what more if this was the case with the child you presumed yours? It’s unimaginable.

Before making this investment, just to be really sure, please; you know what to do.

4. Cast away your irrational paranoia.

4 Paternity Test

You know that feeling when you’re suddenly attacked by anxiety, then you start to get paranoid of even the smallest and most trivial things? To the point that your paranoia even makes you doubt your fatherhood. Yes, it’s completely irrational and it needs to be treated by solid facts. Again, it’s that time of the year. Get that test.

3. You discover she had an affair.

3 Paternity Test

Pray that it doesn’t boil down to this because seriously, how are you supposed to react in the first place? You start to wonder how long it’s been going on, if any of it was real, ad infinitum. You’re flabbergasted with the fact this is really happening to you. You’re forced to take extraordinary measures, but before that, take that paternity first and plan your next step accordingly once you have the results in your hands.

2. Better safe than sorry.

2 Paternity Test

One out of 50 British men have unknowingly raised a child which isn’t theirs. The ratio is miniscule, but now you know that the passing thoughts in your mind of not being the father of your child are grounded on research. On top of that, getting switched at birth still happens, even in Japan.

Like what they say, it’s better safe than sorry in the long run.

1. End your doubts, once and for all.


There’s a reasonable and rational step you can take instead of indulging in your paranoia, fears and anger in one corner. Cast away your fatherhood woes and unfounded doubts by taking a paternity test. And, really, the last thing you want to figure out is where it can be done.

Worry no more, because Hi-Precision Diagonistics is your shoulder to lean on during these hard times, with testing centers conveniently located throughout the Metro. And the easy part? They’ve got affordable tests so don’t worry about splurging. Now, close this window and get that paternity test.

For more information, visit the Hi-Precision Diagnostics website or call 741-1-7777 for their customer care hotline.


What do you think of paternity tests and getting your own? Sound off in the comments below!