The Strangest Times Hollywood Actors Were in Videogames

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The Strangest Times Hollywood Actors Were in Videogames

“Lights, camera, interaction!” as they used to say in the 90s. No, really.

| February 3, 2017

The Strangest Times Hollywood Actors

Were in Videogames

By 8List

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As the ambitions and budgets of video games grow larger each year, so too do their prestige and glamor. One could argue that high capacity storage like CDs, DVDs and multi-terabyte hard drives exist to contain the egos and dreams that make up the modern video game.

That’s why gamers and game developers are no stranger to the famous faces of Hollywood anymore. More and more each year, a big name star embraces the technical challenges of acting for games and the opportunity to transform themselves without the need for ugly makeup and do work in unflattering mocap suits.

But the symbiotic relationship between performance and fame, ambition and prestige can be a strange one. And sometimes it results in some of the oddest relationships between an actor’s image and profile and the game itself. Here are just eight of the strangest times Hollywood actors were in videogames.

Martin Sheen as The Illusive Man in Mass Effect 3

You might remember Martin Sheen’s paternalistic warmth as President Josiah Bartlett in The West Wing, but his ruthless calculating presence in Mass Effect as The Illusive Man is chilling. In a previous life, The Illusive Man was a mercenary named Jack Harper, but in the Shepard Trilogy, he’s an unscrupulous power monger and anti-alien bigot who wants to make humanity great again.


Matthew Perry as Benny in Fallout: New Vegas

The former Friends star has seen some dark days thanks to his struggles with substance abuse, so it’s arguable whether his turn as ambitious con man Benny in Fallout: New Vegas was a new low for him. That being said, there’s good reason why Perry remains an admired performer with excellent comic charm. He imbues Benny with smarm and irony and a touch of craven amorality.


Ellen Page as Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls

In Beyond: Two Souls, Ellen Page portrays Jodie Holmes, a young woman coming to terms with her parapsychic abilities. When promo copy indicated Beyond would be Page’s first videogame role, gamers scratched their heads. Earlier that year, The Last of Us featured Ellie, a young girl who looked so much like Ellen Page, gamers were convinced it was her doing the mocap and voiceover.


Susan Sarandon as Granny Rags in Dishonored

What most people don’t know about Dishonored is how many big names managed to sneak into the recording booth to provide voices. The most amazing among them is Susan Sarandon, who voices Granny Rags, a seemingly crazy old lady with dark secrets and even darker intentions. Equally amazing is how little attention and publicity Dishonored courted for a cast that also included Chloe Moretz, Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey, Mad Men’s John Slattery and even the late Carrie Fisher.